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What makes Kalmbach a "great place to work"?

A good question. Perhaps the best answer comes from our employees and from a few facts.

The comments below were provided by employees following 60 days of employment and also by employees who left us for other opportunities:

  • "I'm very impressed with the overall friendly and open attitude of all employees. It's like nowhere else I've ever worked, or even heard of."
  • "Kalmbach is the most professional and best organized company I have worked for in 20 years. What's more, everyone here seems genuinely happy at their jobs - even the longtime veterans. I feel I could enjoy working for Kalmbach until I'm ready to retire."
  • "It is refreshing to return to Kalmbach after working with a few other companies. Kalmbach is very organized, which was evident in the orientation. The emphasis on customer service is obvious from the moment you walk in the door."
  • "I'm glad I ended up here because it's been very rewarding. It's a good company. Employees are treated well and employees give back."
  • "Even from my first day here, I could never believe how nice everyone was. It is a nice environment and a great place to work. I enjoyed my time here and I will miss it!"

You'll note that employees refer to Kalmbach's culture of focusing on relationships with customers. In our company, "customers" includes employees. This has been our approach since the company was founded in 1933 - long before it became a popular concept with other organizations.

We're also proud that a fair number of employees who left the company have come back to work for us 2 to 10 years later. When they talk about their desire to return, they cite our company culture, our dedication to quality products and our tradition for customer service.

Please consider joining a company that truly is defined by our employees, both past and present, as a great place to work.


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